Are Oils Good for Natural Hair?

Are Oils Good for Natural Hair?

After water, oils are the next big thing in the hair industry. If you check the back of all the hair products on your shelf, there's a 90% chance that you'll find at least one oil in the ingredient list. Oils have long been used, since medieval times, in afro hair care and styling.

In recent years, however, a part of the natural hair community has surprisingly risen against oils. Amongst so many of their anti-oil claims is that oils are not moisturizers and they dry out the hair. This new trend has left some of us in a dilemma. Are oils good for hair or not?  To answer this question, we first need to understand one fundamental truth about our hair.

The hair we see sprouts from follicles underneath the scalp. Each of these follicles is surrounded by sebaceous glands that produce sebum. Sebum is oil. Why does our body produce these oils? For the sole purpose of lubricating the hair strands so that they can glide over each other freely without friction. This translates to easy manipulation, fewer tangles, and less breakage.

Here comes the million-dollar question: If oils are bad for hair, why would our body produce them?

There is no saying the enormous benefits of oils to our scalp and hair. But, like everything we do in life, we must strike a balance. Too much oil could clog our pores and lead to excessive yeast growth which in turn could result in dandruff and the accompanying itchiness, inflammation, and general discomfort. Insufficient oil distribution, on the other hand, will result in tangles, friction between strands, and ultimately, breakage. It is, therefore, important to maintain the proper moisture-oil balance.

Now that we've established that oils are beneficial to the hair, what oils can we use for optimal hair growth? Let's consider some.

Jojoba Oil: It is a light, impermeable oil that sits on the surface of the hair shaft. This makes it perfect for sealing in moisture.

Pracaxi oil: contains rich fatty acids that deeply condition the hair and allow for easy detangling.

Pataua oil: has high monounsaturated fatty acid content which is an identifying mark of penetrating oils. It is easily absorbed by the scalp and hair cells and therefore suitable for pre-poo and hot oil treatments.

Brazil nut oil: Brazil Nut oil acts as a natural conditioner. Because of its high omega 3 fatty acid concentrations, it helps in increasing sebum production in the scalp and leaves hair smooth and shiny.

Babassu oil: is another excellent penetrating oil. It repairs damage, adds luster to dull tresses, improves hair health, and works as an exceptional scalp treatment due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Getting these oils separately could be expensive, not to mention the logistics of procuring them. Wouldn't it be nice to have all these oils combined in one product? Well, there is good news. The Mane Bliss Sealing Hair Oil incorporates the natural goodness of these oils to give your hair the deep nourishment it deserves. Get yourself a bottle of our sealing hair oil and bid dryness farewell. Sign up on our website to be the first to know when this amazing product launches!

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