The Importance of Having a Hair Regimen

The Importance of Having a Hair Regimen

We can all agree that more is involved in growing a healthy head of hair than just a wide-toothed comb and bottle of olive oil. Just as an athlete has a diet and workout plan to keep in shape, we need a working hair regimen to keep our hair healthy. In this article, we will discuss what a hair regimen is and why we should have one.

What is a hair regimen?

The word is quite a mouthful but it's not as difficult as it sounds. Think of a hair regimen as a care timetable for your hair, a regular routine to cater to your hair needs. Everything you do to your hair, from the products you use to the hairstyles you make, constitutes your hair regimen. It tells you when to wash your hair, how often you should do a protein treatment, or how long you should carry a protective style.

Why should you have a regimen?

  1. A hair regimen gives you a solid schedule for taking care of your hair. Growing healthy hair requires consistent effort, not whimsical actions. With a hair regimen, you know what treatment your hair needs, when it needs it and how you should carry it out.
  2. Having a hair regimen helps you keep track of your hair journey. You'll be able to discover which products or methods work best for your hair and which do not. 
  3. It makes it easy to detect the cause of any hair problems. For instance, imagine that you always moisturize your hair with aloe vera gel, then seal with olive oil, and you've had no issues with your hair. Then you decide to switch up your routine by adding peppermint oil. If you experience any reactions or breakages, you can easily trace it back to the recent regimen addition - the peppermint oil.

How to create a regimen

Creating a regimen isn't difficult. Where the problem lies is in maintaining it. We advise that you keep your regimen as simple as possible so that it's easy to stick to. Here are some suggestions to start your hair regimen:


  • Moisturise and seal with oil/butter
  • Reduce hair manipulation. Try to keep your hands away from your hair
  • Use a satin bonnet/pillowcase or scarf when you sleep.


  • Pre-poo
  • Shampoo
  • Deep condition
  • Detangle
  • Protective style


  • Protein treatment. How often you carry this out depends on your hair porosity. For low porosity hair, once a month is just okay. High porosity hair may require protein treatments more often.


  • Trim your hair twice a year (that is, every six months) to get rid of split ends.

Wrapping Up

We all have our individual hair profiles and unique hair needs. To make the most out of your hair regimen, it should be tailored to your hair needs. Our hair is an extension of our body and deserves just as much care and attention as we give to our bodies.

Remember, keep your regimen simple and be consistent.  

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