Our Story 🧡

Mane Bliss™ is created for afro and curly-haired women to finally have the hair care solution to help nourish
and provide their hair with the nutrients and hydration it needs to look and feel amazing.

Reap the benefits of high-quality natural ingredients that provide moisture, shine, and softness for healthy hair and scalp. It’s time to embrace your natural curls!

Be a part of a community where
your fellow curly-hair tribe walks with you in your hair care journey.

Let’s celebrate the naturally beautiful YOU.

“Mane Bliss is about learning techniques & tools to enhance your natural hair, products that work with your hair in a natural way and embracing who you are.”

Pam, Mane Bliss Founder

Meet Our Founder

Hey gorgeous! I’m Pam - the Founder of Mane Bliss. A 1st generation Ghanaian born and raised in London, with a mission to empower my curly-haired gang to embrace their naturally beautiful hair.

Our products are formulated with love to give your curls the hydration and nutrients it needs to thrive and stay healthy !

It's challenging to find the perfect hair care routine for our hair type (trust me, I've been there). Studies continue to show that the textured hair care market contains more hazardous and harmful ingredients compared to its counterparts, so it was for this reason I made the decision to formulate products that are not damaging & counterproductive to overall health.

I’ve always believed in the power and properties of natural ingredients and thats what I have incorporated into our products.

I want to empower you to embrace your natural hair and discover a hair care routine that’s specially curated for you - minus the nasty chemicals and complicated procedures.

Have a great hair day every day with Mane Bliss.

I can’t wait to see you flaunt your natural curls!